Why I Use Rubymine

Comprehensive project support

Providing all of the basics: Local and remote development environments, deployment & version control. Project wide refactoring. Full console & database support.

Rubymine brings with it code support & documentation for Ruby 2.0 Rails 4, HTML 5, coffeescript, javascript, CSS and a variety of css pre-processors sass, scss & less. For the iOS ruby developers, support for RubyMotion.

Model Diagramming

Beyond the traditional features developers expect from an IDE, RubyMine offers a feature called Model Diagramming.

This feature creates a interactive representation of the project models, taking into account the database tables, relationships, and migrations.

Try it

For those who would like to try Rubymine, I reccomend two courses of action:

  1. Checkout RubyMine’s documentation & screencasts, and download a free 30-day trial.

  2. Since everyone should be familiar with Michael Hartl’s, Ruby on Rails Tutorial. I’m refering you to a Rubymine tutorial that was adapted from Hartl’s work for the purposes of learning the programs’s features. David Loeffler’s Rubymine wiki can be found on github here.